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Time Series Data on Indian Economy, Indian Financial Market and Global Economy
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India Socio-Economic
Population India over the Decades WDI Indicators for India
India Macro-Economic
GDP & its Components State GDP Savings & its Components  Investment & its Components Public Finance (Central & State govt. combined) External Sector Indicators
Index of Foodgrains Production Production, Availability and Cultivation of Foodgrains and major Crops
Index of Industrial Production (IIP) Survey of Indian industries Production and  Imports of  Crude-oil  and  Petro-products Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
Price Level
Wholesale price index (WPI) Consumer price index (CPI)
Money & Banking
Reserve Money Broad Money Liquidity Measures   Industry-wise Deployment of Bank Credit Bank Finances NRI Deposits Portfolio of Schduled Commercial Banks
Foreign Exchange
Forex Reserves
Exchange Rates
Exchange rate movements of the INR (Rupee) Forward Premia REER/NEER
Special Feature
Constant Maturity Yield and Market-wide Yield Curve for both Government Bonds and Corporate Bonds. on  October 31, 2017

Some Useful Links
Reserve Bank of India(RBI)
Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementations(MOSPI)
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
National Stock Exchange (NSE)
Multicommodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX)
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX)
Bank for International Settlement (BIS)
Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
The Economist
Economic Survey

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Interest Rates
Deposit Rate  Lending Rate Call Money Rate (CMR)  MIBOR   LIBOR Government Bond Yields (CMYs) Corporate Bond Yields Policy Rates Commercial Paper Benchmark Rates by FIMMDA/Reuters
Stock-market Indicators
BSE EquityTransactions BSE  Sensex NSE Equity & Derivatives Transactions S&P CNX NIFTY Selected Indian Stock Indices Global Share Price Indices ADR/GDR  Issues Company-wise quarterly  Profit /Loss New  Capital  Issues Corporate Performance     
FII Purchase FII Sales Net Investment FII Share holding in companies
FDI in India Country-wise FDI Sectorwise FDI
Mutual Funds
Resource Mobilisation Investment in Stock Market
Commodity Markets
Prices of Some Important Commodities and Futures Commodity Indices Volume Turover in the Commodity Derivatives Market
Global Indicators
GDP by Countries Policy Rates Across the Globe CPI Inflation Industrial Production Index Money Supply Trade Balance Current Account Balance Forex Reserves Global Exchange Rate Movements Unemployment Rate Global Stock Market Indicators Global Oil Prices ($/barrel)   Housing Price Inflaiton (US, UK) Retail Sales (US) Auto Sales (US)   Overnight Interbank (Lending) Rates   Purchasing Manager Indexes (PMI)

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